Adobe Adventures Begin

Adobe Photoshop week is finally here! I am pretty thrilled I get to play around with PS again; surprisingly, it all came back to me as Jay was teaching today’s class. Even though the harder tricks are still floating around in my subconscious mind, I can still count on my basic skills to come through. For various reasons I could not get to the tutorials but I will make sure to download them I know they will be helpful with the “getting started” portion of this subject. I don’t have experience with film and TV work so I am pretty excited to see what the end result is going to look like. As far as playing around with the different tools in PS, I am mostly familiar with the crop tool, magic wand, the different brushes, etc. I will definitely be retouching images from my last assignment to see how much my pictures can improve. I am looking forward to next class!


Law & Disorder

If casinos have proved to take advantage of your regular gambler and they are still up and running why can these cafes be regulated under the same laws? These are small businesses that keep the economy of small towns running. My take on this is that probably they shut them down so all the money can go to the actual casinos. Shame on them! Ohio Bans Internet Cafes

Second Rainy Week

I was a bit hesitant to start this second week. Jay’s amount of experience in the field kind of misled me to believe his pace in teaching the material was going to be a fast one. I have had previous teachers of similar classes who have pretty much left it up to me to learn (which in most cases it’s the way it is). Thankfully, the pace of the class and his teaching methods are very student-friendly (Jay you are so patient!) The material we went over about shot composition was very useful and also covered something I remember using back when I was a kid and I use to draw all the time with a grid, who knew that was going to be handy later on?  I am not sure if a have an eye for photography but I think I am decent with proportions. I am really looking forward to the Photoshop class, it was my favorite thing to do (I have not practiced with it for over a year) I’m hoping I can pick up easily again!

So my first week …

Even though it took me quite a while to focus because I smelled burned silicone in the room the first day of class, the bits and pieces I got to hear at the beginning let me know I was in for a good time. I had heard good things about Professor Jay and I am so glad they are all true.  I can definitely appreciate not only a professor, but any person that has so much passion for what they do. To be able to transmit all this knowledge with such nice vibe and ease is greatly welcomed. It is truly refreshing to know there are still those that teach for the love of it. I have a little bit of experience with certain programs and even though it’s a fast paced sort of semester I am confident I will improve my multimedia and writing skills. I am hoping to become a more expressive kind of writer through blogging.