Audio Fun

It has definitely been an exciting couple of weeks! I enjoyed working on my audio projects, I did not think I was going to pull off a radio commercial type of voice but it turned out pretty okay. I focused more on the volume, the effects and overall sound of the commercial, the little details that make a difference. I have an idea of what I want to do for my final project but I am not completely sure that will be the chosen one. I am a little hesitant with this last assignment because I have never really done anything that has to do with video production. My main worry is the talent; I have looked around for people but none have turned out so far. Hopefully, this week I can figure out who I will be working with and also my final story. I have a couple of questions for Jay regarding the project, after that I think I will have a clearer picture of what I will be doing.


Surprise, Suprise!

I was a bit surprised I did great in my still-photo project. Even though I spent a good amount of time in it I feel it could have been a lot better (I feel like that about a lot of my school work maybe I am too harsh on myself) –anyway- I am very happy with my overall score. I started my day a bit dazed given I was not sure about what we were supposed to do with the audio assignment and project, I figured it out! Jay made a good comment about my audio in-class assignment so I am not too anxious anymore about the upcoming audio projects. I found out my recording voice is not all that bad so I would be using my own talents and skills. Jay did mentioned the big and final project for the class and I must admit I am getting a little worried since I am not sure who I am going to pick to be my talent. Good luck hunting!

Line with love from Japan

The Japanese marketing and advertising communities have come up with a new way to involve consumers. Brands are taking advantage of users that willingly want to offer feedback and comments about a brand’s overall business. Users have to pay for this app and companies will engage a potential consumer with prizes, coupons, etc. Looking at how fast the Japanese move onto the next big thing, this new very innovative social network might not last long. It is fast moving into the Western countries hoping for big numbers. It seems like a great way to market and it is favorable for different brands and comapanies; however, with every other social network and Facebook trying to take over every platform I see a quick fall on this rising trend.

Japan’s Biggest Social Network

Mishaps and Lack of Sleep

This was a very challenging week! As Jay said it we are definitely going to underestimate the amount of time these projects take. Even though I had fun making my still-photo project I feel that I did not have enough of my own time to come up with amazing pictures but my idea still reads through the video. I found a couple of inconvenient mishaps with iMovie but after some hours of sleep I got around it. If I get an opportunity I would definitely remake a couple of things in it like taking certain pictures that I could not get to because of times of operation for a particular department. As far as photoshop goes, I’m finding it very fun to be playing with it, I am even using it for projects in other classes, and my work is decent enough for someone that hasn’t practiced in over two years. I will be my own talent for the next project which I am only hoping my voice does not get too annoying and have to find a last minute talent.