Adobe Photoshop In-class Assignment


– I cropped the picture all around, specially the headroom. I added some photo filter intensity and took out an object that was on the floor that was a bit distracting. I think if the picture would have been taken from a different angle it would have made a big difference.


– I cropped the picture mostly from the left side and the headroom to make her the focus. I added vibrance and auto tone. Also I blurred the background to make her pop to the foreground a bit more. Additionally, I added some make up and used the spot healing brush tool.


– This picture was my least favorite. I wish it would have been take from a lower angle. I tried to crop as much negative space to make it pleasing for the eye. Simply added auto tone and some curve adjustment.


– I cropped for the most part the headroom in the picture. Like Jay said maybe if the person taking the picture would have taken it from a lower angle it’d look a lot better. Plus, I added some vibrance and photo filter intensity.


– I cropped the picture all around and also some headroom. Personally, I believe the lighting in the picture was okay so I simply added some contrast and saturation.


– I decided to edit my favorite picture from the last assignment. I cropped it mostly from the top and bottom. Added some lighting and exposure. I did not want to crop it from the sides because I really like the landscape expand of the picture.


– I thought there was something wrong with the original picture but Jay said “It’s a darn good picture!” he suggested maybe you could have taken it from a lower angle. But simply added some photo filter and cropped the sides and a bit of the top other than that perfect picture!


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