Final Race

These past weeks have definitely been the most challenging ones. Producing and editing go hand in hand in the sense that they need to be planned out and executed accordingly. I have an innate talent of not planning – which comes with lots of complications. I am really bad at outlining but this project has taught me that direction is key in order to save time and get some great shots. After a few trials I was able to know what I was looking for in my filming and what I wanted out of my video. As I speak I need to go to some final shots and voice over but at least now I know what I need to do and get for my final project. The entertainment project was not overly complicated (although I did have some complications with the software itself) but it required tremendous amount of detail and just my own desire for perfection. I will be working with a small window of time because I only have the first two days of this week to complete everything since I’m working all through Sunday so wish me luck!


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