All Good Things Come To An End …

I have mixed feelings about this class finishing. When it comes to new things I really don’t build up expectations I just kind of go with the flow and take it day by day. One thing I can say is that I was really excited to work with the different software. This took me back to when I did my associate’s which more than 50% of the classes were hands on kind of projects and that’s my kind of learning environment. So needlessly to say I more than enjoyed this class because of the nature of each project. I had some previous knowledge but I definitely learned in each class and in every assignment. I am not sure how good I am at producing from beginning to end but I definitely got a taste of it and never knew I was going to enjoy editing video so much. It’s a bit troubling because some friends saw my projects and asked me: “what’s your major again?” “You do this very well and so on.” I definitely have so much more to learn and to apply but this experience has intensified my passion and interest for everything media has to offer. I had an idea of the kind of perfectionist I was (which I don’t obsess over perfection) and my eye for detail but I came to realize with editing and the end result of my projects that I have a great concern for detail and little things that some people may over look. In other words, I LOVED THIS CLASS.

Jay has been such a wonderful helping hand. I have had only a handful of professors that are so concern with his/her students overall learning experience and Jay has not failed to fall under that special category. I think when a person gives so much of his/her availability to somebody else’s success, you can really tell how much passion they have for what they do and I would like to be in those shoes one day; I think this is how you make a change in the world. Thank you Jay for giving so much of you to your students as a person and as a professional! Have a great summer!!


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