All Good Things Come To An End …

I have mixed feelings about this class finishing. When it comes to new things I really don’t build up expectations I just kind of go with the flow and take it day by day. One thing I can say is that I was really excited to work with the different software. This took me back to when I did my associate’s which more than 50% of the classes were hands on kind of projects and that’s my kind of learning environment. So needlessly to say I more than enjoyed this class because of the nature of each project. I had some previous knowledge but I definitely learned in each class and in every assignment. I am not sure how good I am at producing from beginning to end but I definitely got a taste of it and never knew I was going to enjoy editing video so much. It’s a bit troubling because some friends saw my projects and asked me: “what’s your major again?” “You do this very well and so on.” I definitely have so much more to learn and to apply but this experience has intensified my passion and interest for everything media has to offer. I had an idea of the kind of perfectionist I was (which I don’t obsess over perfection) and my eye for detail but I came to realize with editing and the end result of my projects that I have a great concern for detail and little things that some people may over look. In other words, I LOVED THIS CLASS.

Jay has been such a wonderful helping hand. I have had only a handful of professors that are so concern with his/her students overall learning experience and Jay has not failed to fall under that special category. I think when a person gives so much of his/her availability to somebody else’s success, you can really tell how much passion they have for what they do and I would like to be in those shoes one day; I think this is how you make a change in the world. Thank you Jay for giving so much of you to your students as a person and as a professional! Have a great summer!!

Final Race

These past weeks have definitely been the most challenging ones. Producing and editing go hand in hand in the sense that they need to be planned out and executed accordingly. I have an innate talent of not planning – which comes with lots of complications. I am really bad at outlining but this project has taught me that direction is key in order to save time and get some great shots. After a few trials I was able to know what I was looking for in my filming and what I wanted out of my video. As I speak I need to go to some final shots and voice over but at least now I know what I need to do and get for my final project. The entertainment project was not overly complicated (although I did have some complications with the software itself) but it required tremendous amount of detail and just my own desire for perfection. I will be working with a small window of time because I only have the first two days of this week to complete everything since I’m working all through Sunday so wish me luck!

China Investing in American Brands

As many sources have predicted, China will surpass US economy by 2030. The Chinese markets are not only looking for resources nowadays but also different kinds of purchases where they can safely invest outside of their own country. But China’s investors are not only looking at brand’s overall look but the benefits they will bring to them as far as improving their operational, technological and safety areas. American brands and marketers take a look:

Why China’s Appetite For American Brands Is Getting Stronger

Crunch Time

Crunch time is here! As much as you have planned everything out, and have every other detail figured out it never goes accordingly. I changed my original news report topic and repeated my entertainment report over 40 times – I never knew it’d be that tough. My initial doubts about my original news report topic were right. Lighting was not good enough inside bar and clubs, also the background music was competing with my interviewees’ voices. After I looked over the clips and edited a couple of interviews I became quickly demotivated about the idea because the overall look was not up to part. Finally, I decided to change it and this weekend I’m filming for my new topic. My only concern is the rain but I don’t think it will affect my filming since most will be done indoors. I must admit I am a bit anxious about the results but it will be my best!