Broadcast Time is Proving Effective but Cable is Catching up!

As the media landscape keeps on changing, marketers and its contributors are really thinking how much prime-time they really need to buy for their ads. It seems like locking their TV time with TV shows that are highly rated is a good idea since viewers make positive connections with the different brands. Read on marketers:

How much Broadcast and Cable Should Advertisers Really Buy?


Final Cut Express Take Two

This week is definitely a challenge! I don’t think is as overwhelming, I enjoy editing and working with multimedia so it is a fun project. The challenge is in the actual recording, scheduling my visits to the different venues and preparing specific questions for the people I will be interviewing. My only worry is the background noise at the moment of the interview, since these venues are nightclubs there is going to be loud music playing and chattering, therefore I will have to figure something out at the moment of editing my videos. I will be using my own camera for the different shots of the venues so I will be practicing with it tomorrow. I think doing the different shots ahead of time is definitely going to help with the final result of my project. Also, I am a bit worried about the lighting inside the locations so hopefully there is enough lighting in the outside areas. I will be working in the final projects this week so good luck to me!

News Report Proposal

I am doing a news report on underground night clubs/spots in Miami. I will be doing interviews to either employees of the venues or the venue goers, asking them certain questions about their experience in the respective location and why they like it. The places I have in mind are: Treehouse; Story; Hoy Como Ayer. I chose these venues because of their selective crowds and different shows they plan. Some events have very popular attendance and others are more of a different kind of target market. I will be introducing and closing the segment.


News Feature Report Proposal

Final Cut Express Time

Final Cut Express is something else! I don’t think is at a difficulty level that I cannot handle, it is sort of like iMovie meets Audacity just a bit more sophisticated. I think I have the basics down I just need to get to practice.  I am hoping to get the hand of it this week so I don’t meet with any unexpected software technicalities later on. After Jay answered a couple of my questions I am 90% sure of what my entertainment report is going to be about. I will be finalizing my proposal tomorrow, after I get confirmation with a couple of people I want to interview. I think is better than having to remember a whole 2 minute script, I am not finding a fit talent either, so I think that is my best bet to land awesome final projects. For the most part I am not feeling particularly anxious about our last assignments, I have learned to take it easy with this class especially when you are planning ahead of time!